Using Binaural Beats to Astral Project


Astral projection is a much desired skill. It allows us to separate our spiritual selves from the trappings of our physical bodies. When we astral project, we are able to explore various planes of existence and gain knowledge that cannot be gained from the material world in which we live our day-to-day lives. The problem is, astral projection without any aid is very, very difficult. This difficulty comes in because our minds have been trained since we were little to accept that certain things are impossible. We no longer actively believe we can astral project- but your subconscious does. In fact, it wants to astral project, but your conscious mind actively blocks it.

Using binaural beats to astral project is a nice short cut to the state of mind required to project. Bear in mind that binaural beats will not make you project – that will take some practice and effort – but they will bring you to the meditative state that otherwise would take a long time to reach. Before we get into how to astral project with binaural beats, two questions must be answered first. Firstly, “what are binaural beats?” and secondly, “what is the meditative state needed for astral projection?”

Binaural Beats for Astral Projection

Binaural Beats for Astral Projection

In regard to the first question, binaural beats are beats of varying frequency that are played in each ear. For example, in one ear you hear a frequency of 150 Hz while in the other ear you hear a frequency of 155 Hz. Your brain does not like this discrepancy, so in order to remedy it, creates a third tone – one that has a frequency of 5 Hz (the difference between the two main frequencies). The brain resonates in tune with the third “tone,” thus helping you reach the required meditative state for astral projection. That brings us to the second question.

The short answer is that you need to be in a deep trance – fully awake and mindful, but with your body completely asleep – as if you were hypnotized but controlling your own hypnosis. To achieve this, you must reach the state of theta brainwaves – a state associated with dreaming. Now, here are five simple steps to get you projecting:

1). Put your headphones in your ears and press play.

The first step to using binaural beats is, of course, to use them. Find the binaural beats track that is most pleasing to you (it can be pure tone or mixed in with another sound – perhaps the drizzle of rain or birds chirping in the rain forest), or you can use an online binaural beat generator here. Be sure to use headphones – otherwise the brain will not create the third tone.

2). Relax your body.

Lay down and tense up your muscles than release. Feel your body tighten then notice the relief as you let go of the tension.

3). Relax your mind.

Focus on one point. If you are new to meditation, you can just focus on the sound you “hear” coming from the third tone. It is this step that will bring you to the deep meditative state you need to be in in order to astral project. It is also here that you will need to consciously take over. Therefore, it is important that while you listen to the binaural beats you neither let your mind wander nor become passive. Stay focused and aware.

4). Detach yourself.

Once your body feels heavy, it is time to leave it. There are various techniques for doing this – but the premise is visualization. Visualize yourself leaving the body. You can focus on the ceiling if you want, visualize a rope to pull yourself out, etc. You may have odd sensations coursing through your body as you feel the vibrations of detachment. For the unexperienced, these sensations can be frightening. Do not be alarmed – such feelings are perfectly normal. Just let your conscious pass from your sleeping body to your awakened spirit.

5). Explore.

Once your spiritual self separates from your physical body, it is time to explore higher planes of existence. Your journey is up to you and your experiences are for you to have. Once you have projected, you can explore the world and existence on levels that are unimaginable to those who have not. When you wish to return, visualize yourself going back.
Astral projection allows us to ascend to new places and gain insight and knowledge that can help in our day to day lives. Unfortunately, due to the demands and teachings of our world, we have largely lost our ability to project easily without help. The good news is that there is help. While binaural beats will not project you, they will bring you to the state of mind you must be in for projection to work. A couple quick caveats – if you have epilepsy, binaural beats may trigger a seizure and people with emotional issues may find that those feelings are amplified by using binaural beats. So, if you have either of the above conditions, consider using alternative meditation techniques.

How to Astral Project


Learning how to Astral Project is a simple yet delicate process. Astral Projection, or the act of having an out-of-body-experience, is the easiest way to enter a spiritual plane. Astral Projection has been used for centuries by various cultures around the globe in spiritual practices. In America we are very disconnected from our spiritual selves, making it much more difficult than it should be to reach the spiritual plane. Before attempting this, the practitioner should be warned that entering into this altered state of consciousness may be alarming, and care must be taken so that it is possible to return to your body completely and without issue.

You need to relax to astral project

You need to relax to astral project

The first step in Astral Projection requires complete relaxation. One’s body should be either just waking from the sleep cycle, or just entering it. This allows your brain to utilize Theta brainwaves to remove your consciousness from your physical form. As you are lying in bed you must begin basic meditative techniques. Focus on your breathing while removing intruding thought from your mind. Once your mind is clear from distraction you may begin focusing on your physical form as a separate entity from your spiritual self.

Focus on the natural vibrations of your soul. Picture your spirit slowly parting from your body as the vibrations intensify. As this is occurring you must maintain a meditative state, ignoring any distraction from the physical world. You will begin to notice a shift in your consciousness; your body will no longer be a necessary foundation for your spiritual self.

Using only your consciousness, look around. You are a separate entity from your physical form and should be able to perceive your surroundings in the physical world and the spiritual realm. This is a very delicate process. Again, maintain a meditative state to ensure your brain is producing the Theta Waves your consciousness needs to separate itself from the physical realm. Once you are separate from the physical world you can travel as far as your consciousness will allow. Many have reported interactions with the spiritual realm while projecting, however this requires an extremely trained consciousness.

Training your consciousness involves meditating daily, this is necessary to remove to your consciousness from Earthly desires, allowing it to waken and explore the spiritual nature of the universe. Your first few times projecting will be brief, but as you gain more and more control over your spiritual self you will see greater and longer-lasting results.

What is Astral Projection?


It has long been believed by many people that humans possess a soul that inhabits the body. Often, we are unaware of the soul other than supposing that it exists and is what makes us who we are, our looks being material illusions – the soul being the reality. Some people, however, have claimed to have consciously entered the soul and traveled apart from the material body. Often this is done through meditation or prayer. This out-of-body experience (OBE) enables the soul or astral body to disconnect from the physical body and travel to other places or realms, and is what is meant by astral projection.

you can astral travel to a higher plane

you can astral travel to a higher plane

There are two common meanings attached to astral projection. The first is the classical definition, which means travel to a higher plane of existence, such as an angelic realm. The other definition – also sometimes termed “etheric projection” is used to refer to non-physical travel around the physical world. In both versions of astral projection, the soul and physical body are connected by the silver cord, which goes from the atma (higher self) to the physical body. The term “silver cord” was taken from the Bible, specifically Ecclesiastes 12:6-7 of the New King James Version.

It is important to remember that not every experience of traveling outside the body is astral projection. Astral projection is ability to project your consciousness into your dream self. A person who astral projects is aware of the entire process, from the waking state, through the migration of consciousness from the physical body to the soul, and to the travel of the soul through places separate from the body (and often separate from the physical world). Two similar, but different, experiences are lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis.

In the former, a person consciously controls dreams once already inside the dream, unlike astral projection, in which the person began the process of transfer from body to soul while still in a waking state. Sleep paralysis is very much the antithesis of astral projection (and of lucid dreaming) in that there is no conscious effort to enter the dream state. Unlike astral projection, in which one’s consciousness controls the journey, sleep paralysis is often frightening, as the sufferer has no control over what happens in the dream (sleep paralysis is a common explanation for such horrifying episodes as alien abductions).

The big question is – is astral projection real? There has been little scientific study of astral projection. One of the major problems with proving astral projection by scientific means is that it assumes the existence of a soul – or other self, the existence of which cannot be proven by science, which concerns itself with the material world. But for those of us who truly believe they can enter their atmas and travel to higher planes of consciousness, astral projection is very real – no matter where science stands on the issue.


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